Choosing Individual Therapy is Crucial to Your Healing

Written By Tru Integrative Health & Wellness on July 24, 2018

Choosing Individual Therapy is Crucial to Your Healing | Individual Couseling in Atlanta

Introduction – Taking care of your health, both physical and mental, is equally important for overall well-being. Sadly, a huge number of people tend to ignore the subject of mental health. If you or a near one is experiencing any such issue, consulting a competent psychiatrist is the best choice. Instead of visiting someone far away, opting for someone local, providing Individual couseling in Atlanta should be the logical choice. Such one-on-one setting will not only help the patient cope better, but hasten the healing process as well.

The Basic Concept – Individual counseling, often known as psychotherapy or counseling is a process where a safe and confidential environment is created between a patient and a well-trained therapist. In this environment, the patient is urged to explore his or her feelings, fears, desires, beliefs, behaviour and anything that has been bothering him or her. As the setting has only two people and complete discretion for privacy, it becomes easier for the individual to open up, offering the therapist with a unique and essential insight into the his or her psyche. Such insight is integral to identify the problems and determine the method of healing. Hence, for someone getting therapy for the first time, individual counseling is a blessing.

One-on-one Interaction and Healing – One of the goals of individual counseling is creating a rapport between the therapist and the patient, which can then be explored further for healing. Depending on the complexity of the problem, different patients require different kind of attention, care, behaviour and even different level of compassion. For instance, the treatment of someone suffering from clinical depression and someone having relationship issues will be different. Hence, the environment in which these two can be treated needs to be different and a competent, local Individual couseling in Atlanta will provide exactly that. People suffering from the same issues may be treated in groups, but most do not feel comfortable opening up before strangers. The ensuing stress will be detrimental to their recovery.

So, anyone reluctant towards the needed psychological assistance, should opt for Individual couseling in Atlanta. This way, the patient will have the assurance that, help is available and recovery is possible, while having the opportunity to share their innermost thoughts without the worry of being judged, ridiculed or made uncomfortable in any way. Having such a safe space is like an oasis to someone suffering from mental health issues and the existence of this space brings in the faith that, healing is possible and an achievable goal.