Is It Possible For You To Trust Your Couples Counselor?

Written By Tru Integrative Health & Wellness on August 31, 2018

Couples Counseling in Atlanta

The above-mentioned question is more important than you thought. Getting a better idea about the secret keeping capability and policy of the therapist you are about to hire is as important as knowing the amount of money he/she is going to charge. When you are opting for Couples counseling in Atlanta, it is quite obvious that not everything is alright in your relationship and in that situation, it is also possible that there are secrets you have kept from your significant other and want to keep them that way.

Understanding The Concept – If you are not feeling safe or confident enough to share something with your significant other, then it is clear that the issue has grown more complicated than thought and to deal with it, you will need proper help. It is the job of a therapist to help you understand the problems and find the solutions. The process is going to be a long one, will take a lot of involvement, but if it proves to be effective, then the relationship will be saved and you will feel a lot better in life. even if, the relationship cannot be saved, getting a chance to have a better life should not be denied in any way.

Knowing About The Trust Factor – Sharing is considered to be one of the best ways of boosting a relationship, transparency is thought to help a relationship immensely and though it is true to the most part, there are situations, when honesty and sharing can prove to be really detrimental. For instance, if your significant other is a possessive and abusive person, then it is very much possible that your support system, needs to remain under the wrap. Not doing so, can harm you mentally and even physically. Going to a therapist normally means sharing these intimate details with him/her. Knowing about everything about you will help the professional to provide the right kind of assistance and treatment. So, if the Couples counseling in Atlanta provider you are about to hire or visit does not give off the sense of trust, then you should not share all these details with him/her.

On the other hand, if the therapist seems to be genuinely interested in your well-being and improvement, if he/she seems to be trustworthy, then it is quite possible to trust him/her. If you want to be completely sure before doing the sharing, then either clearly talking about the point or testing them by sharing a seemingly harmless detail will help a lot.