Understanding The Importance Of Early Intervention In The Mental Well Being Of A Loved One

Written By Tru Integrative Health & Wellness on December 12, 2018

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Intervention is an act which is mostly conducted to stop someone from doing something not conducive towards his/her well-being. People normally intervene or arrange for an intervention when they think that a friend or family member is doing something wrong or harmful or annoying. It is true that the process of an actual intervention can be quite annoying but that should not mean the act in itself is not good or beneficial. It can have a really beneficial effect when employed in the case of someone suffering from mental health issues and refusing to do something about it. Taking this simple step can help someone to get to required help in time and get better. The importance of intervention in influencing someone to seek Mental health counseling service is undeniable.

The Premise And Its Importance – One of the biggest problems with mental health issues is the simple fact that people often ignore it or are unable to understand that there is something wrong with them. Due to that, a number of problems remain undiagnosed and untreated. As a result, things get more complicated with time, creating sometimes untreatable issues. So, if you do not want a loved one to suffer from such pains, then helping him/her understand and acknowledge that there is a problem will be the first step and intervention is considered to be one of the best ways of doing that. This is also due to the fact that, people often do not accept, even to themselves that there is something wrong with them. A particularly stubborn person can make the process more frustrating that you thought.

Getting The Proper Help – Despite the access to proper help and treatment to deal with a plethora of mental health issues, people are still apprehensive to visit a therapist and going through the healing process. This is due to the taboo associated with the subject. All over the world, the general consensus is that there is nothing called a mental health issue. People who are weak, want attention, and do not want to deal with the realities of life tend to complain about such issues and create problems where there is none. There are also people who believe that any mental health issue means that the person experiencing such problems is a raving lunatic and he/she can never get better. Both the concepts are wrong and harmful to the person fighting with any kind of mental illness. Both of them will stop any person from seeking proper help and treatment which will be detrimental to their health both mental and physical.

So, if you are a good friend or family member and are worried about a loved one’s mental health, then it is time to take some steps and one of the most effective steps will be arranging an intervention. This way, the person you are concerned about will be compelled to talk about the problems he/she is having. At the same time, it will become easier for him/her to accept the fact that they have issues. This, in turn, will help the person to seek professional help and sign up for Mental health counseling sessions. The result will be a positive one, as the person will get treated and start getting better. This will have a better and more positive impact on his/her life and help to get healed completely.