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Holistic Services

iStock 509116484Group Counseling

$125/initial exam
$125follow up visits
Fees may be reduced based on need

At TRU, our system of holistic healthcare presents an opportunity for clients and patients to obtain a comprehensive awareness of body function, feedback, stress and relaxation, sleep, and other lifestyle habits with a focus on how they may come together to enable healthy functioning. Such services are provided in conjunction with physician care, which is not provided at this office. Becasue of the interrelationship of the many dimensions of human life, working sensibly with this knowledge can assist in creating an better environment for good health. As such, our practitioners are able to work on issues of excess weight, fatigue, pain, disease, sleep difficulties, mental and emotional disturbances, spirituality and coping, and much more.

Once areas of stress, fatigue, or dis-ease have been determined in the body, the practitioner then works collaboratively with each person to determine a customized plan to support the body in rebuilding and repairing in order to regain optimal health and eliminate any symptom presentation.

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