Payment and Insurance

The practitioners at TRU Integrative Health and Wellness are out of network with all insurance plans. One of the biggest reasons for this is that we value your privacy and want to allow you the option of what to share or not share with your insurance company about your health and the services you receive from us.
If you would like to utilize your insurance to cover some of the cost of our services, we will gladly provide you with the paperwork necessary to access your out of network benefits.

However, if you would like to keep your care private, we will gladly work out a rate that is manageable for you to pay out of pocket. Our rates are generous and most folks find that we are able to help them access the good quality care that they have been seeking without making finances an additional source of stress.

Our rates are as follows:

Therapy, Counseling, and Coaching - $125/session
Holistic Healthcare- $125/initial exam and $55/follow up visits
Chiropractic Care- $95/initial exam and $55/follow up visits

It is our goal to work with each of our clients' unique financial situation and needs, and so have several practitioners who are able and willing to offer reduced rate services if the above rates don't seem manageable. Call today to speak about your individual needs, and we'll guide you through your options and ultimately pair you with the practitioner in our office who is likely to work best for you! 404-846-0699.